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Precision Redefined: APT Medical’s Braidin™ Pro Adjustable Valve Guiding Sheath Enhances Peripheral Intervention Capabilities

APT Medical presents the Braidin™ Pro Adjustable Valve Guiding Sheath, a revolutionary tool for peripheral interventions that reduces blood loss and artery injury while improving procedural outcomes. This sheath, explicitly designed for interventional treatments using significant devices like TAA, AAA, and TAVI, sets a new benchmark in providing the best possible patient results. Allow us to examine the remarkable attributes and advantages of the Braidin™ Pro Adjustable Valve Guiding Sheath.

Unique Variable Hemostasis Valve for Effective Control

The Braidin™ Pro Adjustable Valve Guiding Sheath features a one-of-a-kind variable hemostasis valve. With a simple click, medical professionals can adjust the valve to accommodate various sizes of devices. This innovative design ensures precise control during procedures, reducing blood loss and minimizing vessel trauma.

Optimized Sheath Structure for Safety and Ease of Use

The sheath’s optimized structure offers several key advantages. Its double-welded design ensures a secure connection, enhancing safety during transportation. The durable hydrophilic coating facilitates smooth placement, reducing friction during insertion. The tapered sheath tip also enables a seamless transition between the sheath and dilator, further minimizing trauma and enhancing patient comfort.

Radiolucent Sheath with Distal Marker for Enhanced Visibility

The Braidin™ Pro Adjustable Valve Guiding Sheath incorporates a radiolucent material, allowing for excellent visibility under imaging. This feature enables medical professionals to accurately track the sheath’s position during the procedure accurately, ensuring precise device placement and optimal outcomes.

Full Range of Sizes to Address Clinical Challenges

Recognizing the diverse clinical needs in peripheral interventions, APT Medical provides a full range of sizes for the Braidin™ Pro Adjustable Valve Guiding Sheath. This comprehensive selection enables medical professionals to address anatomical complexities and procedural challenges, ensuring personalized and effective patient treatment.


APT Medical’s Braidin™ Pro Adjustable Valve Guiding Sheath significantly advances peripheral interventions. With its unique variable hemostasis valve, optimized sheath structure, radiolucent material, and comprehensive range of sizes, this sheath is specifically designed for interventional procedures using large devices (TAA, AAA, TAVI, etc.)  while minimizing blood loss and vessel damage. The Braidin™ Pro Adjustable Valve Guiding Sheath sets a new standard for procedural excellence, enhancing patient outcomes and driving advancements in peripheral interventions.


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