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Prayer time Sharjah UAE

Find the current Prayer time Sharjah, and Prayer is one of Islam’s five most fundamental pillars. writes about common elements of Islamic worship. The direction in which worshipers look, the time at which they gather for prayer, and the sound of the call to prayer all fall under this category. In addition, he discusses the many variations in Islamic prayer that exist among languages, countries, and sects.

For Muslims, prayer is more than just a religious rite. Many people think it might help purify their spirits. A chance to have a physical, mental, and spiritual conversation with God.

Currently, more than a billion Muslims throughout the world do the five daily Prayer time Sharjah. In the morning, afternoon, evening, or night. During prayer, worshippers must face Mecca’s Kaaba. Muslims often stand when reciting passages from the Quran and bend forward slightly while doing a prostration.

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  1. Before dawn, also known as fajr
  2. Dhuhr, or at midday, when the sun is directly overhead,
  3. Asr refers to the time of day when Muslims pray.
  4. Maghrib refers to the twilight hours after sunset.
  5. Isha: After dawn and during the night


Fajr salah Prayer time Sharjah is performed at the conclusion of the night, just before sunrise. The Fajr prayer consists of two rakats, called Fard.


Dhuhr Dhuhr salah Prayer time Sharjah, the second daily prayer, is said at noon. There should be four rakats in this prayer.


Muslims throughout the world pray the Asr Asr prayer following the afternoon Dhuhr prayer. For this prayer to be complete, you must recite four rakats.


The Maghrib prayer is meant to be said just before sunset. During the Magrib prayer, three bows to the ground are called for.

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Muslims throughout the world gather each night to recite the Isha salah. There is a total of four rakats that must be performed.

In Dubai, United Arab Emirates, today’s prayer times are 5:31 AM for Fajar, 12:12 PM for Dhuhur, 3:11 PM for Asr, 5:30 PM for Maghrib, and 7:00 PM for Isha. Check out the most recent Azan and Namaz times, as well as the weekly Salat schedule for Dubai.

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