Disclaimer  – Specific Regulations at Reputable Bookmakers

Disclaimer specifically stipulated by New88today, players must seriously comply. Because this is a provision that helps protect the interests of players as well as the house. All content of this issue will be updated in detail below!

Notice of responsibilities of players and bookmakers at New88

Responsibilities are the rights and obligations that players must perform when participating in betting at New88. Below are some regulations that the house requires bettors to comply with. Specifically:

Betting rules players need to understand

To secure your betTo be safe and effective, you need to understand the following rules. Specifically:

  • Players only use a single account with one phone number and IP address to bet.
  • Do not use any cheating software when placing bets.
  • Understand all terms and regulations before placing money on bets.

Regulations on age limits in the system

New88 is a legal betting address so all participants must be 18 years old according to regulations. If this is not met, the dealer will refuse refused service and did not  exempted from liability for players.

In what cases do players enjoy immunity from liability?

In certain cases, you will be  exempted from liability by the house. Specifically:

The problem was caused by the house

If the error comes from the house, you will not need to bear any responsibility. Therefore, you can feel secure when betting because New88 always puts customer experience first. All incidents will be resolved fairly to ensure everyone’s rights.

Players comply with all conditions from the system

Right from registering for a member account, players need to read and agree to the terms. Only when the player actually meets these conditions will he be eligible for the policies exempted from liability.

Cases where New88’s liability exemption applies

However, contrary to the above, players need to be responsible if they commit the following errors. Specifically:

Cheating bettorsWhenplay

To ensure the entertainment process is safe and transparent, players are not allowed to use any cheating practices. It is strictly forbidden to intentionally create multiple accounts or use software to abuse the house’s rewards. In these cases, New88 will lock the account and withdraw all bonuses.

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Player violates the law

Although betting activities at New88 are completely legal, there are some people who have taken advantage of it to commit illegal acts. Then, it won’t exempted from liability for players. Therefore, please seriously comply to protect your own rights.

The player does not meet the conditions to participate in betting

As long as you violate a term that the house has given, you will definitely be fully responsible. If any incident occurs, you must pay compensation according to the agreed regulations.


Thus, New88 has very clear regulations on cases where the house’s players are  exempted from liability. To participate in betting effectively and safely, you should carefully read the terms set by the playground.


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