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Unlocking Precision with Blueiot’s Bluetooth AoA Technology

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, one name stands out prominently – Blueiot. This innovative company has carved a niche for itself in the realm of Bluetooth AoA technology. In this article, we will explore how Blueiot’s solutions are transforming the way we perceive and interact with our surroundings.

The Power of Bluetooth AoA Technology

Bluetooth AoA technology is at the heart of Blueiot’s offerings. It’s not just about wireless connectivity; it’s about precision in positioning. This revolutionary technology enables users to determine the exact direction and position of Bluetooth-enabled devices with unprecedented accuracy, going beyond the limitations of traditional Bluetooth with its 5-meter accuracy.

Breaking Down the Technical Principles

Blueiot’s secret sauce lies in its innovative use of the Angle of Arrival (AoA) positioning algorithm. By calculating the incoming wave direction and tag position, Blueiot achieves sub-meter accuracy, ten times better than conventional Bluetooth technology. Their base station, equipped with patented technology and a Bluetooth 5.1 array antenna, ensures backward compatibility with all Bluetooth 4.0 tags. This results in high-precision positioning for IoT (Internet of Things) tags and LBS (Location-Based Services) mobile phones.

Unveiling Single-Area Two-Dimensional Positioning

A single base station, armed with advanced calculations, determines the actual heading angle and pitch angle to pinpoint the location of a tag accurately. Coupled with tag height information, a single base station can calculate unique absolute spatial coordinates. This level of precision opens doors to a myriad of applications across industries.

Expanding Possibilities with Spatial Positioning

Blueiot doesn’t stop at single-area positioning. By combining multiple base stations, they expand the coverage area significantly. The integration of multiple base stations results in improved global spatial accuracy, making it a game-changer for industries that require large-scale, high-precision positioning solutions.


In conclusion, Blueiot’s Bluetooth AoA technology redefines how we perceive and interact with the world. With unparalleled precision and versatility, Blueiot’s solutions are poised to transform a multitude of industries, making the impossible possible and unlocking new opportunities for innovation and efficiency. Embrace the future with Blueiot’s revolutionary technology.


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