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Unleash Vibrant Brilliance: Light Sky’s Mamba RGB Bar Light

Mamba, a cutting-edge RGB bar light that brings dynamic lighting effects and versatility to any space. Designed with innovation and precision, the Mamba features a compact structure, aluminum alloy, and engineering plastic shell, making it ideal for entertainment, TV, and events. Illuminate your surroundings with vibrant colors and create captivating lighting displays with Light Sky’s Mamba RGB bar light. Experience the power and creativity of this sleek and powerful lighting solution.

Powerful LED Chip and Wide Zoom Range

The Mamba RGB bar light boasts a powerful LED chip configuration with 12*40W LED chips RGBW 4 in 1, providing exceptional lighting performance. The wide zoom range of the Mamba, ranging from 3.6 degrees to 53 degrees, allows you to adjust the beam angle according to your specific lighting requirements. Whether you need a narrow concentrated beam or a wider spread of light, the Mamba delivers precise control over your lighting design.

Dynamic Lighting and Flexible Control

Light Sky‘s Mamba series of linear LED light bars offer dynamic lighting capabilities. With a luminance of 18460 lux at 5m (RGBW) and 1300 lux at 5m (RGBL), these lights create impressive illumination that elevates any space. The Mamba series also provides uniform RGBL color mixing, allowing for seamless transitions and stunning rainbow lighting effects. The Mamba RGB bar light supports flexible control, enabling individual control over color and effects. This feature empowers you to create unique and custom lighting displays that suit your specific needs and preferences.


Light Sky’s Mamba RGB bar light is a game-changer in the world of dynamic lighting. With its powerful LED chip configuration, wide zoom range, and dynamic lighting capabilities, the Mamba allows you to unleash vibrant brilliance and create captivating lighting displays. The flexibility of individual control over color and effects opens up endless creative possibilities. Whether you’re in the entertainment industry, a TV production studio, or organizing events, the Mamba is the perfect lighting solution to enhance your space. Experience the power and versatility of Light Sky’s Mamba RGB bar light and transform your surroundings with stunning lighting effects.


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