Tips for Drape The Trendy Custom Hoodies With Style

The hoodie is an American classic, but it is finally finding its way into the fashion world. Hoodies are everywhere, from high-end designers to fast food chains. While this article discusses some of the best ways to style 100t merch hoodies in a fashionable way, I will also cover how even low-cost clothing can be elevated by knowledge of styling tips and tricks.

What Is A Hoodie?

A hoodie is essentially just a sweatshirt with a hood attached to the neck area. This makes them very soft on your face when pulled up over your head, while still being able to keep warm. Many people wear their sweatshirts with front pouch pockets over their stomachs or waists because they contain useful items such as their phones, wallet, and keys.

Different Hoodie Styles And How To Wear Them

Hoodies come in many different styles, colors, patterns, and fabrics. They can be worn over a dress for going out at night or paired with leggings during the day. Here are some great ways to style a hoodie:

  1. The Classic Look-

Pair a solid gray or white cotton hoodie with skinny jeans and either knee-high boots or riding boots for a look that’s stylish while also warming you up if it’s cold outside.

2) Under A Vest Or Jacket- You can wear any type of hoodie under another article of clothing such as a blazer or vest. Although this look is considered more casual, it’s still possible to style dark jeans and riding boots underneath the hoodie for a chic ensemble that will keep you warm in colder months.

3) Over A Dress- If you want to look fashionable while staying warm on a cool evening, pair a black cotton dress with knee-high riding boots and an oversized hoodie. Use the pockets of the hoodie to hold your necessities and tie the arms around your waist so it rests over your dress without falling off and showing curves on top of the flat silhouette of the dress.

4) Casual Friday Style- It’s important on casual Fridays at work not to wear sweatpants but instead create an outfit that is comfy yet stylish. For a feminine take on the sweatshirt, pair a gray silk hoodie with dark leggings and either riding boots or ankle booties. Opt for a black v-neck shirt underneath in case you need to undo your top button from being too tight when reaching up to get something from your purse or off of a shelf at work. If it gets chilly, simply add a blazer over the ensemble so you don’t have to walk outside without one if it’s windy.

What Is A Hoodie Made Of?

Hoodies can be made of cotton, silk, and even denim (although the latter is not recommended for this use). If you want to invest in a quality hoodie that will last for many years and elevate your style while keeping you warm in the colder months, choose 100 percent cotton. This material is the most comfortable and breathes well so it doesn’t feel too heavy when worn. The one downside of cotton hoodies is that if they get wet from rain or sweat, they will begin to smell really bad after a few days if not washed. Cotton also wrinkles easily so it may need to be steamed wearing out to a special event.

What Makes A Great Hoodie?

When shopping for hoodies, it’s important to know what makes a great one. First, look for something made of cotton with good stitching around the zipper and pockets. Second, make sure there is some stretch to the fabric in order to make it comfortable to wear while allowing movement. Third, opt for an oversize hoodie that you can pull down past your rear when wearing it in public in case your fly is open or if you are worried about having food in your teeth after eating lunch. Also, consider purchasing a crew neck rather than a v-neck because they’re both more flattering on the body and won’t show too much cleavage if worn without another shirt underneath. Lastly, look at the stitching of the seams on the exterior to ensure they are all straight and there are no fraying or lose threads.

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