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The Source of Premium Bulk Frozen Raspberries in the Supermarket: Jooever Foods

Supermarkets seeking premium frozen fruit items have found that Jooever Foods is their go-to source for IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) whole raspberries. Supermarkets can rely on Jooever Foods to supply them with premium IQF raspberries because of their consistent quality commitment, extensive selection of bulk frozen raspberries type, and adaptable packaging solutions.

Superior IQF Raspberries Types

Jooever Foods takes pride in offering IQF whole raspberries made from 100% raspberries sourced from China. Their product line includes a variety of raspberry cultivars such as Fertodi, Heritage, Tulameen, European Red, M22, and more.      Each variety brings its unique taste, color, and texture, allowing supermarkets to cater to different consumer preferences and recipe requirements. This diverse selection ensures that supermarkets can offer a wide range of options to their discerning customers.

Flexible Packaging Options

Understanding the diverse needs of supermarkets, Jooever Foods provides flexible packaging options for their IQF whole raspberries. For bulk orders, supermarkets can choose from packaging sizes such as 20lb, 40lb, 10kg, and 20kg cartons or totes, allowing for efficient storage and transportation. Additionally, Jooever Foods offers retail-ready packaging options, including 1lb, 2lb, 500g, 1kg, and 2.5kg bags, enabling supermarkets to meet the demands of their customers and streamline shelf placement.

Year-Round Availability and Timely Delivery

Jooever Foods recognizes the importance of consistent supply to supermarkets. They ensure year-round availability of IQF whole raspberries, providing supermarkets with a reliable source of this popular fruit. Regardless of the season, Jooever Foods is able to meet the demands of supermarkets, enabling them to maintain a consistent supply chain and meet consumer expectations.


With a lead time of 15-18 days after order confirmation, they ensure that supermarkets receive their products promptly, allowing for efficient stock management and inventory turnover. Jooever Foods stands out as an ideal supplier of premium IQF raspberries for supermarkets. By choosing Jooever Foods as their supplier, supermarkets can confidently offer their customers delicious and nutritious frozen raspberry products, ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty.


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