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Lipower: Sustainable Solutions for Outdoor Events

Lipower has achieved profound background knowledge of both hardware structure design and software technology as a pioneer portable power station manufacturer. Driven by innovation, it is always trying to provide high-quality and efficient portable energy storage products, and the most considerate services. Lipower’s portable power station factory is Located in Shenzhen, a city known as the Silicon Valley in China.      With 25 standardized production lines, the company has the ability to more than 30,000 pcs portable power stations every month.

Versatile Solar Panel Kit

Lipower offers flexible solar panel kits for wholesale. Its easy-carrying and foldable solar panel kit is the best portable solar panel choice. Lipower’s flexible solar panel kit‘s efficiency is 25% above the average in the industry. In addition, Lipower’s foldable solar panels perfectly match its rechargeable portable power stations, making a flexible solar panel kit to bring marketable green energy storage solution.

Lipower’s LP-60 Solar Panel has highe efficiency. The LP-60 Solar Panel uses monocrystalline solar cells, so the electrons that generate flow of electricity can have more room to move and can yield the highest power outputs at a high conversion efficiency of 23%. The LP-60 Solar Panel can not only charge the energy storage power supply, but support the output of USB and other sockets on the DC output module of the solar panel, which can charge your mobile phone, tablet, computer, and othe devices.


Many outdoor events and festivals can be very energy-intensive and require lots of manpower and resources to run smoothly. Lipower’s foldable solar panel kit is a great solution for these types of events as it needs little manpower or resources to set up and operate, making it a sustainable option for event organizers.

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