7 Things You Can Do To Help Your Dog Live Longer 


Dog owners, who are obsessed with their pets, will do anything to make their lives as happy and fulfilling as their pets make theirs. However, even with good intentions, we can overdo it, harming our pets when trying to show them how much we care. Much like a child needs moderation and love, dogs need someone who will give them the best without overdoing it so they can lead a long and healthy life. There is no need to go overboard. Here are seven things you can do to help your dog live a long life. 

  1. Do not expose your pet to secondhand smoke. 

As a smoker and dog lover, you have no intention of harming your dog, but when you smoke in the same room as your pet, you are causing your dog harm. Secondhand smoke is as bad for dogs as it is for human beings. Lung issues and breathing problems can be the tragic result of exposing your dog to continual secondhand smoke. So if you must smoke, ensure that you do it away from your dog and ventilate your home often. 

  1. Give your dog CBD 

Shop for cbd concentrates today seems ridiculous, especially for someone who has only heard about cannabis products that cause those infamous euphoric effects. Yet, CBD is remarkable and safe for dogs because this cannabinoid is a non-intoxicating psychoactive. Unlike other cannabinoids, hemp-derived CBD with less than 0.3 percent THC will not make your pet high. The risk of paranoia or overdose is nonexistent, too.  

Thanks to many countries legalizing this cannabinoid, it is easier to purchase high-quality CBD products, and many people worldwide are on board with CBD. Users opt for this natural remedy to treat serious physical, mental, and emotional issues, including anxiety, insomnia, addiction, pain, management, weight loss, and so on.  

Dog lovers are also using CBD to help their pets. CBD can help your pet lead a longer and more manageable life, thanks to its benefits, whether it is going through extreme anxiety or suffering from chronic pain. The one thing to keep in mind when administering CBD is to consult a medical professional beforehand. The vet will tell you the right brands and doses for your pet and monitor your dog to ensure that CBD is helping, not harming your dog. 

  1. Provide your dog with nourishing food. 

Enjoying your dinner when your dog looks at you like he has never eaten is hard. Many of us give our pets some of our food because we see how much joy it brings them, but the truth is, giving them the wrong food can lead to physical issues, including obesity and heart problems.  

So as tempting as giving your dog your scraps, a better option would be to buy premium dog food with a good balance of carbs, protein, and fat. Not all breeds need the same amount of food and calories. Accordingly, it is best to consult your vet regarding food brands and portions to keep your dog at an optimum weight. 

  1. Visit your vet regularly 

Visiting the vet only when your dog is physically or mentally unwell is not the way to do things if you want to help your dog live longer. It is essential to visit the vet annually, even if your dog looks perfectly healthy, so the medical professional can screen your dog and ensure that the onset of chronic disorders can be addressed immediately. 

  1. Mark the calendar for ticks and flea prevention. 

Finding ticks or fleas on your dog is not glamorous, and it takes a lot of work and washing to get these tiny creatures off your dog. Instead of having a pleasant surprise in finding ticks and fleas on your sofa or pillow, practice prevention by buying ointments that you can regularly apply to keep your pet safe from these tiny but invasive creatures. 

  1. Avoid leaving your pet outside without supervision. 

Seeing your dog run around freely is always fun because having them cooped up at home all day is not good for them. If you want to enjoy your pet, taking the dog off his leash only in safe spaces is essential. A car accident can kill your pet, or in best-case scenarios, it can leave him with a permanent injury that will affect him in old age and stop him from living his best life. If you like seeing your dog running freely, research your area and find parks where dogs can run freely without a leash. 

  1. Give your dog a community to play and interact with. 

No matter your dog’s breed or personality, these furry creatures need a community just as we do, so having them interact with other dogs is an essential part of living a fulfilling and long life. The best way to get your dog used to other dogs is to get them to interact with different breeds from a young age. If your dog is already advanced in age, try to find another dog owner whose pet has a similar temperament so that the dogs can enjoy each other’s company without too much drama. 


Our dogs give us so much, so the least we can do is give them the time and consideration to provide them with a rich and fulfilling life. We all want our pets to live for many years, but more importantly, we must make sure that the life they do live is a fulfilling and happy one.  

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