5 Best Anger Management Strategies to Calm You Down

If you are someone that is failing big time in controlling their anger then let me tell you, this can cause a variety of problems for you. Saying things and regretting them later or just shouting at your child and dreading it, sometimes choosing physical violence out of it is also alarming. 

But it must also be noticed that not all anger issues are serious. Your anger could also look like, venting about work,  being agitated by the traffic, or wasting time thinking about upsetting events. The management of anger doesn’t come easy and it doesn’t mean that you will not get angry again. However, it can help you a lot in coping with it, by recognizing when it is hitting above the control button. 

The top psychologist in Pakistan says that anger can be managed well by using some tricks, techniques, and strategies. It is however not a mental illness but can become one if not controlled at the right time. 

Lets have a look at the strategies. 

1- Identify the Triggers

If you feel like developing a habit of losing your temper, take a look at the things that trigger your anger. Traffic jams, excessive tiredness, and long lines are just a few examples that can shorten your fuse. Instead of blaming people or external circumstances for your failure in keeping your cool, and understanding the things that are triggering your anger, try and find the triggers.

After you do that, it is important to structure your day differently to help manage your stress and stress. Also, find some anger management techniques that you can practice in order to stay away from anger. By doing that you can elongate the time of your fuse helping you to not lose it after a single episode.  

2- Know if Your Anger is Helpful or Not

Before you start to get mad, ask yourself if this ager is your enemy or a friend. If you see some person’s rights being violated or you are in an unhealthy situation, this anger can be helpful. 

in these cases, you can proceed by changing the situation rather than changing the emotional state. Sometimes, your anger can be a sign that is telling you to get out of an abusive relationship or a toxic friendship. 

If the anger is hurting you or the relationship you are in, then it means that your anger is the enemy here and is causing you to be someone that you are not. 

3- Know Your Warning Signs

If you are similar to people around you, you might feel like your anger hits you in an instant. You go from calm to spurious in a heartbeat. But there are still some warning signs that tell you if your anger will rise. 

Recognizing the warning signs early can help you take action to prevent your anger from reaching a boiling point. 

Think of the physical signs, if your heartbeat gets fast, or if your face feels hot. Maybe you start to clench your jaw or your fists. There are some cognitive signs also. You might start to look like a tomato.

4- Stay Away from Triggering the Situation

Trying to win an argument or to prove you are in an unhealthy situation will only make your anger worse. One of the best strategies is to keep yourself away from the situation.

If you think there is someone with whom you get involved in heated arguments, then make sure to stay away from that person. Just talk to them when it is needed. Leave the place if you get into an argument, go out and take deep breaths and then resume your work after you start to feel calm. 

When you step away or leave, try them later on, that it’s not you running away. It is just you saving yourself from your anger.  

5- Talk it Out

If you feel like there is a friend or a colleague that can help you feel better and calm, then do talk to them. Tell your concerns and issues to them and vent as much as you can.

Make sure that the person you discuss your stuff with is good t counselling or even just listening. Also, another approach that can help you a lot is that, don’t just go to them to vent, try and resolve your issue so that you dont do that with other people.  


Anger can be really bad for you. It can make you lose friends and even can cause a gap between you and your loved ones So try and manage it by using some useful strategies. Take professional helping you think that helps you in feeling better. If not then try these above-mentioned strategies to control your anger. These do help a lot, trust me.

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